Adaptation to living in a cold climate has increased the risk of migraine

The gene encoding the TRPM8 protein is activated at low temperatures. But the gene has two variants. Elderly, whoory can be found in residents ofoIn Asia and younger, whoory occurs in people living in poNorthern countries, especially in Europe. The older one is also found in chimpanzeesow.

Researchers from University College London and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig conducted a study of this gene. The results of their work have been published in „PLoS Genetics”.

Syndromeoł scientistsow checked genetic data banks covering people from all over the world to see how common each of these variants isoIn the gene in flatwormsoin Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

– We discovered a correlation between the frequency (of the gene) and latitude – said Felix Key of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. It found that the younger variant of the gene is found in about 88 percent of. Finow, but only in 5 percent of. Nigerian womanow. Computer simulations suggest that the newer variant evolved in Africa before humans began migrating to other continents.

But the TRPM8 gene has been roalso linked to migraine. Researchers believe that an older variant protects against the disorder, while a newer variant increases the risk of migraine. This may explain why migraine is more common in residentsoin the countryoin poNorth. – We know that the incidence of migraine is lower in African-Americansow – added. Key.

However, the researchers are not sure why feeling cold is linked to bohead lem. It is known that in someorych waspsob migraine can be triggered by a cold. The increased risk of migraine associated with the gene variant is probably an unfortunate side effect of evolution.

– Migraine is a complex problem and many factorsow can affect the occurrence of boloin the head – explained Aida Andres of University College London. His words are confirmed by another study, ktore appeared in the pages of the journal „Neuron”. According to him, many common variantsoin genetic shapes the risk of migraine.