Artificial intelligence steering drones recognized in nationwide competition

In this year’s thirteenth edition of the 2017 Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year Competition, the innovative technology company Sky Tronic from Wroclaw, which specializes in developing solutions for the unmanned aviation industry. The FLC flight stabilization system developed by the company, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, may find application in specialized drones supporting rescue and uniformed services.

More than 230 companies employing no more than 10 people competed for the title of Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year 2017ob and with revenues not exceeding 2 million euros. Four-person teamoł specialistsow of Wroclaw Sky Tronic already has a track record of successes, whichore allow for further ambitious plansoin business development. This young, innovative spotechnology boat type „spin-off” of the unmanned aerial industry was founded by scientistoin and graduateow Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Economics and the Institute of Technology Transfer.

Sky Tronic is the first company in the world to commercialize breakthrough flight control and stabilization technology using artificial intelligence algorithms – Fuzzy logic FLC (Fuzzy Logic Controller) in autopilot systemsoIn the intended for global manufacturersow droneow.

The first commercial deployment of the FLC flight stabilization system carried out on Hoverbike watercraft has shown that due to its greater resistance to changes in wind force and the weight of the load carried on the drone, the new FLC flight stabilizer provides greater control precision and more stable and safer flight, in porownaniu to traditional regulatorow type PID. The solution developed by Sky Tronic may prove useful for dronesoin specialized, operating in difficult terrain and climatic conditions, such as. on oil rigs, at sea, in gorach, or droneoin transportation and saving lives.

Currently, there is an ongoing roWe are also working on two EU-funded projects dedicated to the construction industry. As part of the Lower Silesia Regional Operational Program, it is planned to implement an intelligent SkyNav FLC autopilot, integrated with an anti-collision system, designed to measure theoin thermal imaging of tall buildingsow using ThermoCopterow. In turn, in wspohe cooperation with Budimex Capital Group, within the framework of the program „Fast Track”, teamoł Sky Tronic develops autonomous unmanned system to create 3D models of terrainoin construction. Thanks to the FLC technology used in these solutions, it will be possible to precisely determine the locations of cavitiesoin thermal, leaks, cracks, or structural defects.

The organizers of this year’s 2017 edition of the Micro-Entrepreneur of the Year Competition – the Association of Family Business Initiatives – recognized, above all, innovation and unconventional thinking not only about business, but also about the needs of wspoof modern man. Each year brings us confirmation of how innovative and thriving private business is in Poland. Companies thatohe profiles and ideas for success at home and abroad we could analyze prove that the most important factors for success in the business world are courage, determination and ingenuity – said Slawomir S. Sikora, CEO of Citi Handlowy, a strategic partner of the Competition.