Wroclaw doctors transplanted a kneecap from a deceased donor.

The patient, whooThe patient had his kneecap transplanted along with an upright apparatus and suffered from a giant cell tumororkowe. – I was afraid of losing my leg. When I learned from doctors that there was a possibility of transplantation, it wroThere was hope for a comebackot to health and to work – said Mr. Remigiusz, in whomorego the groundbreaking surgery in an interview with Radio Wroclaw.

Giant tumoroThe r is a variant of bone cancer. The patient began to feel bol about three years before the procedure. When he went to the doctor he heard a crushing diagnosis. The tumor was 6 centimetersow, but it occupied only the kneecap, so it was possible without problemsoin remove. Then the idea came up to transplant the patella from a deceased donor. Previously, a similar surgery was performed in India and involved a similar case of giant cell tumororkowe.

Tumors of this type are common, but their location on the patella is very rare. They are usually found on the bones of the thigh or tibia. In the professional literature omoThere were only 150 cases of theoin the tumor of the giantsorkowe on the kneecap.

– It is standard practice to perform in such patientsoin excision of the tumor and filling the tumor sow with bone grafts or bone graft material. Sometimes post-resection endoprostheses are also used. In this case, it was impossible, it was necessary to reconstruct the so-called "bone". upright apparatus, so that it is possible for the patient to straighten the knee joint, said at a press conference quoted by PAP prof. Szymon Dragan, head of the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of the Musculoskeletal System at the University Clinical Hospital in Wroclaw.

During the operation, doctors not only removed the neoplasmor, but they transplanted an upright apparatus along with a kneecap from a deceased donor. The procedure took place last year, but the doctors, before informing mediow, they were waiting for the results of surgery. In their opinion, the patient is fully functional. – My knee doesn't hurt, I'm practically „on the go”. I wanted wrocic to rollerblading, to jump into skiing again, but this will probably not work anymore – admitted the patient. Doctors actually advise against overloading the knee and recommend cycling instead of skiing.

– Fortunately, all follow-up tests show normal function and remodeling of the transplanted apparatus. Novotwor was located in the kneecap. It has been completely removed – concluded Prof. Dragan quoted by PAP.

The operation was unique for several reasonsow, not only because it was performed for the first time in Europe and the second time in the world. The doctors used the rotion with innovative treatment methods, whichore only in recent years have been introduced into medicine. The drug was also abandonedoin immunosuppressive. For the operation it was also necessary to complete an interdisciplinary team.