Types of orthodontic braces

Unfortunately, most of our society suffers to a greater or lesser extent from malocclusion. For some, they are not a problem and do not interfere with daily activities. The other part feels a lot of discomfort from the defect and wants to treat it as soon as possible.

Malocclusion can be treated at almost any age and it is never too poźno. However, if there is a possibility, it is worth taking care of it from an early age. This is when you can effectively prevent bad habits, whichore can significantly affect the dental future. Early diagnosis allows for quick and effective correction. Failure to receive timely treatment can result in significant worsening of the defect, damage to teethow, as well as compromising facial aesthetics.

With help come orthodontic specialists, whooers have ways to correct the defect and provide a beautiful, Hollywood smile.

Orthodontic treatment today is the only effective method of combating malocclusion. There are many interesting solutions on the market and a type ofoin the bracesoIn orthodontics, thanks to whichohe type of anesthesia is determined before the operation, after consultation with other doctors (see specialist consultations: ). There are two most popular orthodontic appliances:

Fixed – attached to the teethow, without being pulled off for a period of about twooch years. This is followed by treatment to maintain the effects. With fixed braces, proper hygiene is very important. Failure to follow it can risk discoloration, inflammation, bleeding and even prochnica. With fixed braces you should brush your teeth after each meal. Food debris can accumulate on its components.

Movable – used at night or for a few hours during the day. The more time spent wearing them, the more effective and faster the results. Hygiene of removable braces is very important. It must be washed after each removal and stored in a dry box. Before each insertion, the braces should be moistened in water.

For the patientoin those afraid of unfavorable aesthetics during treatment Krak orthodonticsoin offers aesthetic braces, ktore are almost invisible. They provide great comfort visually, as well as psychologically for the patient. W¶rod the apparatusoin an aesthetic wyroYou can choose sapphire, crystal, porcelain and ceramic braces. All are rownie effective and allow to achieve the previously intended goal at the same time.

If you are interested in the service and dream of a beautiful, straight bite come to the Center for Preventive Medicine. The orthodontist will determine the individual treatment plan and select the most appropriate method.