Digital technologies in architecture

About 270 participants from 42 countries around the world from academia and the business sector will come to the Lodz University of Technology to participate in the eCAADe (Education and reseach in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe) international scientific conference. This is the most important conference in Europe, and at the same time one of the five most important in the world, on digital technologies applied to architecture and urban planning.

The eCAADe conference has been held at a European university of choice since 1982. Previously hosted by In Rome, Oulu, Vienna, Newcastle, Delft, Prague, Zurich, Liverpool, Graz, Antwerp.

The organizer of the 36. edition of this conference, whichowhich the keynote is „Computing for a better tomorrow" Is the Faculty of Construction, Architecture and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Lodzka. This prestigious event will begin on Wednesday, September 19 at. 9:00 a.m. in the Major Auditorium of the Institute of Physics of the University of Łódź (building. B14, ul. Wolczańska 219).

The eCAADe2018 conference is expected to influence the development of theoj innovations in the field of zroDuring the test of the sustainable construction industry and contribute to the establishment of the coonternational cooperation, whichoThe beneficiaries of this technology can be primarily Lodź.

– The eCAADe2018 conference is an extremely important event for the international scientific communityow, an expertoin the field of architecture, construction, urban planning, in the context of the use of new digital technologies. Topics include methods and tools used in research, teaching and practice, whichore today offer tremendous design opportunities, BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology used for virtual visualization of construction, GIS (Geographic Information System), smart cities, technologies for revitalization, Big Data – playing an increasingly important role e.g. D. in making the processoin decision-making, as well as robotics in construction and architecture,” said Chairwoman of the Organizing Committee Dr. hab. Eng. arch. Anetta Kepczynska-Walczak.

Amongod invited guests and mowcow are prof. Krzysztof Ingarden – a prominent Polish architect, well-known and respected in national and international circles, Harlen Miller – an architect responsible for digital technologies from the internationally renowned Dutch office UNStudio in Amsterdam, Antje Kunze from Munich – a specialist in smart cities, and Tom Van Mele – director of d.s. The system was developed at the Block Research and Development Group at ETH Zurich.

The conference received Honorary Patronage from the Minister of Science and Higher Education, the Mayor of the City of Lodz, the JM Rector of the Technical University of Łodzka and Young in Lodz.